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Tech Fest Live.

Founded in December of 2019, Tech Fest Live is a non-profit educational technology events company. We are connecting the youth of today for a better tomorrow through technology opportunities. We create a learning space that encourages creativity, growth, and critical thinking. Exhibit innovative technology that fosters interest and excitement in STEM-based fields and introduces career pathways in technology that can provide financial stability for youth and their families.


We’ve serviced over 400+ students with an additional 1,200 students joining our programming this fall. 

our target audience


11 - 18


Black/African American ; Hispanic/LatinX


Charter Schools, Public & Private Schools, Youth Organizations

program pillars

Tech Fest Live Event

Speaker panels, workshops, startup technology, skill building and mentoring at an annual event.

Fore The Youth Golf Classic

Teaching technology and the game of golf all in one during this annual fundraiser.

Tech Fest Community Events

Pitch competitions, summer workshops, hackathons, etc.

Tech Fest Mobile

Satellite version of the annual Tech Fest Live in-person experience within school districts and community organizations.

Greater Houston Area School Districts Who We've Partnered With

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A fun and entertaining family experience

About Our

Tech Fest Live Founder

Khalil Vinson

An entrepreneur and techie with a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems , Khalil Vinson witnessed firsthand the beauty that technology holds and the opportunities it is capable of presenting to everyone who embraces it. This led him to create Tech Fest.

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Manual Labor Will Be The First To Go

Machines have already mastered 38% of the manual tasks needed in our workplaces and are continuing to learn FAST.
Automation Will Take Over

Nearly 25 Million Americans will have to adjust or change jobs to make room for artificial intelligence.
Educational Training Will Be Done In Augmented & Virtual Reality

From ads that teach us about products to programs that teach doctors how to surgery, AR/VR will make everything hands on.
Everything Will Be Connected To The Internet

With practically everything we own having internet access nowadays, we are not far from 'always being online.' This level of connectivity is due to what's called, 'The Internet of Things' (IoT), which is already a $1.1 trillion dollar market.
A Lot Of Jobs Will Be Replaced

Nearly 85% of the job titles that exists in 2030, haven't been invented yet.
There Will Be A Talent Shortage

There are twice as many tech jobs as there are qualified workers right now, and the demand is growing faster than the supply.

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