What is tech fest?

Tech Fest 2020 is a virtual learning experience for ages 11+ hosted in Hopin’s multi-level interactive, venue. The experience provides users with a unique way to educate themselves and gain a better understanding of the technological climate they’re currently living in.

As users navigate through the Hopin platform they can network one-on-one over live video, join breakout sessions and information groups, watch keynote presentations on stage, send chat messages, fill out polls, and explore interactive expo areas.

With Hopin’s global reach we can provide anyone with the opportunity to become early adopters and innovative leaders in their communities. Tech Fest understands that knowledge is power, and when sowed properly, it sparks the mind with ideas to create a brighter future. 

Tech Fest was founded by Khalil Vinson, a CIS major and graduate of Texas State University. Khalil took notice of the unbalance of those consuming tech versus those creating it and came up with the Tech Fest platform. Our purpose is to “provide exposure to technological resources that educate and inspire the youth to effectively use technology to access, evaluate, create and communicate information to enhance their life-long learning skills for future progress” says Khalil. He believes that tech education is the integral piece to shortening the digital divide and wealth gap African Americans are facing today. When technology is used as more than just a technical tool but a pathway to knowledge, empowerment, and financial freedom we will see a huge shift in the way people look at tech.

The future for Tech Fest is bright. The launch of our first virtual event will provide great traction and exposure to our initiative and segway Tech Fest into becoming the staple tech event here in Houston. We want to make this an annual event bringing light to “Silicon Bayou” and eventually provide a great tech platform to all of Texas and beyond.

Tech Fest Team

Event Director

Khalil Vinson

An entrepreneur and techie with a Computer Information Systems background, Event Director Khalil Vinson has witnessed firsthand the beauty that technology holds, the doors it can open, and the opportunities it is capable of presenting to everyone who embraces it. However, seeing a great disparity between those simply consuming it and those creating it led him to form Tech Fest, an event that would equip underserved youth with the skills needed to both survive and thrive in today’s ever-evolving economy and society. Khalil’s love for technology drives his desire to curate a general interest, but his love for people drives his desire to help them see it the way he does – as more than a technical tool but a pathway to knowledge, empowerment, and financial freedom.
Marketing Director

Billy Ayoola

Billy Ayoola Jr. is an entrepreneur and consultant with experience running and advising companies in multiple industries including healthcare, entertainment, technology and education. He is also well known in his hometown of Houston for his efforts to invest in young, bright minds and grow his community’s wealth of resources. This focus has led him to work with his alma mater, the University of Houston’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of America and now Tech Fest. While many things as an entrepreneur, Billy most prides himself on being an educator and mentor who preaches the importance of education, ownership, and equity to teens and young adults. His goal for Tech Fest is to educate and empower minority youth to take control of their own future by building equity in the tech industry and with him as our marketing director, we are 100% certain that we will accomplish that goal.

Tech Fest Virtual Experience